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The greatest measure of a man is not how he acts in times of comfort but how he rises in times of challenge and controversy
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Conscience Whigs
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Ski Ball
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Jake and the Fat Man
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To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar
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“Nietzsche once said, there is always some madness in love but there is always some reason in madness, and I think that even as crazy as the game was, as crazy as it was that I got blindsided. I can think of no finer way to go out than a man who has fought in battle (or fought and battled). I go back to the Vikings, the Indians, and the Samurai; you look at how they died, and how did I leave, head held high in the end, not defeated, not broken. Hopefully like a Greek tragedy in death, I will give other people a rebirth of ideas.” - Coach Ben Wade
Old Dominion 2006, Russian Studies, Swimming

There's Nobody Out Here That's Honorable. Anymore. Except for GeneOkerlund27..

random music box to play until sugarfoot returns to youtube

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